Inspections You Should Require

Home Inspections

If you are purchasing a resale property or a new property, we highly recommend that you have a professional home inspector conduct a thorough inspection.  The inspection will include the following:

--  Appliances
--  Plumbing
--  Electrical
--  Air conditioning and heating
--  Ventilation
--  Roof and Attic
--  Foundation
--  General Structure

The inspection is not designed to criticize every minor problem or defect in the home.  It is intended to report on major damage or serious problems that require repair.  Should serious problems be indicated, the inspector will recommend that a structural engineer or some other professional inspect it as well.

You home cannot pass or fail an inspection, and your inspector will not tell you whether he/she thinks the home is worth the money you are offering.  The inspectors job is to make you aware of repairs that are recommended or necessary.

The seller may be willing to negotiate completion of repairs or a credit for completion of repairs, or you may decide that the home will take too much work and money.  A professional inspection will help you make a clear-headed decision.  In addition to the overall inspection, you may wish to have separate tests conducted for termites, gas line leaks, or the presence of radon gas.

In choosing a home inspector, consider one that has been certified as a qualified and experienced member by a trade association.

We recommend that you be present at the inspection.  This is to your advantage.  You will be able to clearly understand the inspection report, and know exactly which areas need attention.  Plus, you can get answers to many questions, tips for maintenance, and a lot of general information that will help you once you move into your new home.  Most important, you will see the home through the eyes of an objective third party.

The seller will want this inspection performed quickly, so that you can approve the results and move forward with the purchase. Once you receive the inspection, you will want to allow yourself sufficient time to review and approve the report. If you do not approve the report, you may negotiate with the sellers on which repairs should be performed and who should pay for those repairs. Otherwise, you can cancel the purchase without penalty, provided you have included timetables in your offer.

Allow a maximum of five to ten days to receive the report and five days to review it.



Seller Paid Inspections

It is customary for the Seller to pay for the gas line inspection or gas warranty, the pest inspection, the well inspection, and the septic inspection. The buyer may select the vendor and the seller pays for the inspections at the time of closing.

You should determine which company you want to perform these inspections and make it a part of your offer. Otherwise the seller may choose. If you do not know which company to hire, your agent will make a recommendation

Final Walk-Through Inspection

Before closing, you will want to revisit the property to ensure it is in the condition you have required in your offer, and to inspect that any required repairs have been performed. You should do this no sooner than five days before you intend to close. Make sure this right to do a final inspection is included in your offer to purchase the home.

Home Inspection                   Companies          

Home Inspections

It is a good idea to have the home you are buying inspected. The homebuyer pays for this service and is encouraged to attend the home inspection so that the buyers can learn more about the property and the inspector can explain any issues that come to the inspector’s attention to them immediately. Also, it is very educational especially for first time homebuyers because inspectors will explain to buyers what they need to do to maintain the property and where certain items are located like the furnace filter or the main water shutoff valve. Below are three home inspectors that work in the Central Ohio area.


D & J House Doctors LLC

Contact Daniel Kirkpatrick Email:

Phone 419-845-3178

Cell 740-225-2476


G.E. Home Inspections

Contact: Gary Holback

Phone: 740-383-2478


Inspect Ohio Inc.

Contact: Calvin Lee

Phone: 499-2757


Brick Kickers

Contact Rod Berning Email:

Phone: 800-741-9261

1418 Brice Rd
Suite 200a
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068